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Porcelain Veneers in Da Nang

Porcelain Veneers in Da Nang

Porcelain Veneers in Da Nang

Porcelain Veneers in Da Nang is a dental solution that helps restore teeth by using porcelain crowns to protect natural teeth. Thereby, this process helps cover tooth pits or fill gaps caused by tooth loss. If you are looking for a reputable porcelain veneer address, check it out with East Meets West Dental!

What is porcelain veneer?

Porcelain Dental Aesthetics (also known as Porcelain Veneers) is a method to help improve and protect teeth from problems such as cracked teeth, arch inflammation, worn enamel, or tooth decay; Burned pits and discoloration due to antibiotic action; Teeth that are uneven, protruding, or altered in color, style, and function, similar to natural teeth. This method helps you have healthy, regular, and bright white teeth quickly.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers service in Da Nang has brought a ‘new layer’ to dental problems, helping to solve problems such as missing white teeth, uneven teeth… to recreate ‘natural beauty’. natural’, at the same time making teeth more even and harmonious by using porcelain dental plaques made to look like natural teeth.

When do you need to perform porcelain veneer service in Da Nang?

Not every problem with tooth damage requires the use of protective coating services, but this depends on each specific case and whether or not the Dentist prescribes it. This includes cases where the tooth is so decayed, or so severely damaged, that a filling can only correct the decay. Canine teeth are crowded, uneven, or have too many cusps, making orthodontics (dental dentures) impossible. Teeth are contaminated with yellow due to long-term plaque, or are heavily contaminated with toxic substances, making teeth whitening ineffective.

Uses of porcelain veneers in Da Nang

Porcelain Veneers

Restoring the function of protecting teeth from cavities, chips, etc. The dentist will grind the teeth down and shoot the real protective layer (porcelain crown method). Adjust the aesthetic size of teeth for crowded, spaced, protruding or underbite teeth. Improve tooth color by grinding down the layer of real teeth for men and making a mask. Helps teeth align, reduces laughter, and enhances tooth health.

Porcelain veneer procedure according to American Dental standards

After Veneers

Step 1: The dentist conducts an examination and checks your oral condition. This helps you choose the method and type of porcelain teeth you should use. 

Step 2: Inject anesthetic to perform the tooth grinding procedure for you.

Step 3: After grinding the teeth, the dentist takes tooth impressions to design and fabricate tooth tissue. With modern CAD/CAM technology, making porcelain teeth will be extremely quick and easy. The created porcelain teeth will have the same shape and color as real teeth. 

Step 4: During the waiting time, you will have the serrated teeth (lifted) temporarily worn so as not to affect the ground teeth. 

Step 5: The porcelain crown is completed, the dentist will choose you to check. If you are satisfied with the color, size, etc., the Dentist will attach it to your chest. This completes the security guard process.

Address of porcelain veneers in Da Nang: Reputation and quality

East Meets West Dentistry was founded in 1996 by Dentist Charles F. Craft, an expert from the United States, with the mission of dying a healthy kiss for not only difficult circumstances in Vietnam, but also for both domestic and foreign customers. Among the scientific facilities in Da Nang, East Meets West Dental is considered an independent model in Southeast Asia, a combination of fee-based dental services and humanitarian activities. East Meets West Center was originally part of the East Meets West dental program, focusing on dental treatment for children who are disadvantaged, orphaned or otherwise ineligible to treat their problems. aliasing problem. In 2012, East Meets West Dentistry was officially established to provide dental services to both domestic and foreign customers. All profits earned by the center will be used to support humanitarian programs for children. 

Eats Meets West Dental
Eats Meets West Dental

Currently, the clinic provides a full range of services from guest room service, presidential dentistry, cosmetic dental restoration… in which porcelain veneer service is one of the services that many customers trust and choose. choose at the dentist.

Why should you choose us East Meets West dental

  • Medical experts at the dental clinic include Dentist Charles F. Craft, founder/senior dental consultant, along with a team of doctors with specialized expertise and extensive experience in the specialty, Have expert skills with modern dental equipment. 
  • Medical facilities have been invested in to be modern and complete, serving a variety of needs in dental examination and treatment. 
  • The clinic supports many medical examination and dental treatment services for children in difficult circumstances. 
  • 100% of staff at the clinic are able to communicate in English – providing the best service for international patients. Not only paying attention to the quality of medical services, this is also a humanitarian dentistry, with a high working spirit and responsibility, always receiving love and trust from many patients. 

The number of patients coming to East Meets West every day to explore and treat oral health is very large. To avoid having to wait, you can contact and make an appointment with us via the hotline number below.

Or contact us through our hotline:
(+84) 913 412 568 (available on Zalo, Whatsapp, Viber)
to get a free check-up and consultation from our dentists.

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Address: 69 Ta My Duat Street, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Vietnam

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“Thank you so much for all you dedicated work. It’s great for me to see all the help provided to the Vietnamese people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.”

Seff Chong, Canada
Seff Chong, Canada

“The service here was so very efficient. I had three fillings, a clean and one tooth cap in a week and a half. The original cap was flowed cracked and had to be replaced.”

Simon Hyde, Australia
Simon Hyde, Australia

“The standard of professionalism is outstanding! We found the staff completely committed to reaching the highest standards.”

Judy and Shane, Australia
Judy and Shane, Australia