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Teeth Extraction

At EMW Dental Clinic, we provide teeth extractions for the primary teeth, both shaken and infiltration cases.

In addition, we also offer extraction services for teeth that can no longer be restored with either a crown or a filling due to severe decay, trauma, or periodontal disease. Extractions are also done when the tooth is causing pain or damaging gums or other teeth.

For such cases, we apply proper anesthetic to make sure that our patients only feel pressure but not pain once the tooth is removed. To sum up, our dental crew provides the following types of extractions:

  • Primary tooth (shaken, infiltration)
  • Permanent tooth (shaken, infiltration)
  • Extraction with alveolar bone protection
  • Wisdom tooth extraction

Extractions would normally be suggested by our dentists if they are necessary for your treatment (braces, implants, etc.).

However, if you find out that your children need their primary teeth extracted, or you got a wisdom tooth to get rid of

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