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Apical Surgery

Apical Surgery (also known as apicoectomy) involves removing the infection from the tip of the tooth’s root. The inflammation is caused by bacteria or plaque building up on the outside of the root or in the surrounding bone.

Apical Surgery nowadays is very rare to occur. It is often called the last resort to treat your root canal system. Usually, Apical Surgery is required when the conventional root canal treatment is not enough to get rid of the infection at the tip of the root.

Another case for Apical Surgery is when the patient already has root canal treatment but it fails due to operator error, but the tooth is not qualified for a re-root canal treatment.

If you already have root canal treatment but can still feel the pain in the tooth, please do not procrastinate to visit a dentist for a check-up to see whether you need an Apical Surgery or a Re.

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