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Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures are replacements for your missing teeth. These false teeth are made from acrylic or composite and are placed over the gums and/or the remaining teeth, with the option of being removable.

Removable Dentures enable users to chew food and speak normally, except their bite is not as strong as natural teeth. It is also recommended that the dentures be cleaned twice a day to maintain oral hygiene.

Despite the inconvenience, removable dentures have the edge in teeth restoration owing to their cheap costs. At EMW Dental, we offer several removable denture options:

01. Removable plastic tooth
If a client has a missing tooth, it can be replaced by a set of “partial dentures” which is when a plastic tooth is mounted on a removable plastic or metal plate. It relieves the patient of their discomfort or embarrassment, allowing them to freely eat and smile.
+ Overseas tooth: Teeth that are made abroad and then brought to our clinic to be made into dentures.
+ Domestic tooth: Teeth that are made locally in Vietnam and later used to be made into dentures.
+ Porcelain tooth: The fabricated tooth substituting for the natural tooth is usually made of porcelain.
02. Frame denture
+ Titanium: Dentures made with titanium are light and very strong. They are recommended for patients who prefer a strong metal-based denture that feels just as light as plastic. Titanium castings are lighter than metal, hypoallergenic, mechanically strong, have low thermal conductivity, which will not cause discomfort in eating hot/cold foods, and they are physically neutral, which will not cause a metallic taste.
+ Metal: An impression of the jaw is made using an electrically non-conductive material. The impression's inner wall is treated with a heated low-melting alloy and the interior is stuffed with filling material. Fixing pins are inserted if there are crowns, casings or bridges. An electric conductive coating is then made by vaporizing the metal layer and spraying lacquer. The actual dentures are separated from the impression and forged with the intermediate metal base. Metal dentures provide a more natural feeling as opposed to plastic dentures. The metal makes the dentures stronger and more stable.

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