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Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang, Cosmetic dentistry plays an important role in the dental field, giving people the opportunity to own bright white teeth, creating a radiant smile and enhancing psychological confidence when communicating. Do you have enough information about cosmetic restoration methods for teeth? Let’s explore this topic in more detail with East Meets West Dentistry in the article below!

The importance of aesthetics in dentistry

Oral teeth play an important role in the human body and at the same time affect the aesthetics and charisma of the face. A tooth is appreciated not only for its health aspects, but also for its physical and aesthetic aspects. Having beautiful teeth is not only about keeping it strong and disease-free, but also about increasing confidence and attraction towards others. In recent times, therefore, there has been an increase in the demand for a perfect, whole tooth that scores 10, promoting the emergence and development of cosmetic dental services.

Cosmetic dentistry is about perfecting the shape, color, style… of teeth and gums

Cosmetic dentistry is the process of perfecting the shape, color, and style of teeth and gums. Through the implementation methods, people can achieve a complete tooth and a score of 10, thereby increasing confidence in communication and society.

Currently, dental and cosmetic services are often provided at dental facilities and professional medical facilities for molars. The doctor will conduct an examination, evaluate the dental condition and advise on appropriate restorative methods for each individual. For those who need dental aesthetics, choosing reputable dental facilities made by a professional doctor is important to ensure personal health safety.

Cosmetic dental services in Da Nang

There are many cosmetic methods in the field of dentistry applied today, to help people be confident with regular and bright white teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang: Teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry service

Discolored teeth not only reduce confidence in communication but are also a sign of a health condition that may be facing serious risks. Therefore, to improve the color and shine of teeth, dental experts have conducted research and applied teeth whitening methods.

This method typically uses an oxidizing agent such as Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide, which causes chemical reactions on the surface of tooth enamel. This helps cut off and break down the colored molecular chains in the dentin. Thanks to this process, teeth can become whiter and brighter without damaging the surface or organizational structure of the teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang: Cosmetic dentistry service with porcelain tooth paste

Porcelain veneers are a highly appreciated method of improving the aesthetics of teeth. Porcelain surfaces can be maintained for longer periods of time than fillings and have the ability to overcome problems such as chipped teeth, worn edges, gap teeth, or discolored teeth that cannot be bleached.

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang
Porcelain dental cosmetic services in Da Nang

The process involves attaching porcelain veneer pieces to the surface of real teeth and fixing them with a specialized layer of dental adhesive. With only a thin and light layer of enamel grinding, this method is almost non-invasive and does not affect tooth function. Veneer is crafted according to the shape of the teeth, helping to bring beautiful, sturdy teeth, and the ability to chew comfortably.

Porcelain dental and cosmetic dental services in Da Nang

Tooth wrapping is a method of covering real teeth with specially crafted porcelain pieces to match the style, size, and color of natural teeth. This technique is used to improve the shape of teeth when they are bad, crooked, unevenly misaligned, severely unbleachable, cracked, chipped, severely decayed, or have pulpitis without affecting the roots.

To perform porcelain wrapping, the doctor will grind the real tooth pulp to the appropriate size, depending on the shape and condition of each person’s teeth. The doctor will then make tooth marks to make the porcelain piece, and finally attach the fixed porcelain piece to the tooth with the appropriate glue.

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang: Attach gems to teeth

Attaching gems to teeth is a cosmetic service in the dental field that many people love. The nobility and sparkle of the gems will make the smile more attractive and classy. During the procedure, the doctor will use a special glue to connect the gemstone to the tooth surface, ensuring tightness and safety for gum and tooth health.

Braces in Da Nang

Orthodontic braces are a popular method in the field of cosmetic dentistry today. This method helps improve tooth shape, adjust the position of the teeth, and create balance in the bite. Problems such as crooked teeth, misalignment, malocclusion, underbite teeth, crooked teeth, and severe crowded teeth are often treated with braces by a dental professional.

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang
Braces in Da Nang

Currently, there are many types of braces used to adjust teeth to the correct position, including metal braces, porcelain braces, and Invisalign transparent braces, etc. Each type of braces brings its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each patient’s specific condition.

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang: Cut and gum flap

Gingival contouring and adjustment is a method used to improve the shape and balance of gingival teeth. This technique is particularly useful in overcoming too short, gummy, or severely drooping gums, which cause the teeth to not be adequately encapsulated.

Through this process, overall teeth become more aesthetically pleasing, helping to increase confidence with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Porcelain dental bridge in Da Nang

Porcelain dental bridges are one of the most effective methods to improve tooth loss. The bridge consists of three teeth, made from materials such as precious metal, titanium, and porcelain. The doctor will grind the tooth pulp in two locations next to the missing tooth, then attach the fixed porcelain bridge with dental adhesive. The two teeth at the outermost will act as supports, keeping the porcelain bridge firmly above the jaw.

However, this method has the disadvantage that it cannot overcome jaw bone resorption and is only suitable for cases of loss of 1-2 teeth, and is not applicable to tooth loss in positions 7 and 8.

Dental Implants in Da Nang

Dental implants are a long-term solution for people who have lost teeth, because they bring many outstanding advantages compared to using porcelain bridges. The structure of Implant teeth includes crowns made from high quality porcelain, Implant roots tightly integrated with the jawbone. Thanks to its integration with the jawbone, dental implants not only effectively improve bone resorption but are also suitable for cases of losing multiple teeth at the same time.

East Meets West Dentistry – reputable cosmetic dentistry service in Da Nang

At East Meets West Dentistry, a team of highly specialized and experienced dentists specializes in performing cosmetic dentistry services. Thereby, you not only achieve perfect teeth and a confident smile but are also guaranteed dental function of absolute quality.

Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang
Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang

In addition, you will experience high-quality dental examination and cosmetic restoration services with the following advantages:

– Diverse oral and maxillofacial aesthetic methods performed by a team of skilled specialists.
– Modern dental machinery system, imported internationally, effectively supports the process of dental examination and restoration.
– Convenient dental room with outstanding equipment, ensuring absolute safety due to continuous disinfection.
– Flexible and methodical examination process, minimizing waiting time.
– Highly specialized nursing team ready to support customers anytime, anywhere when needed.

Hopefully the above information has helped you have the most detailed overview and overview of cosmetic dentistry as well as popular tooth restoration methods today. If you are interested and want to experience cosmetic dentistry services, contact reputable medical facilities to receive comprehensive care and protect your oral health. Don’t hesitate to SCHEDULE an appointment and learn more about the methods that suit your needs and desires.

 Aesthetic dentistry in Da Nang
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