“Ms Minh Huong and the entire EMW Dental team. You all did it again, exceeding my expectations and enabling yet another great successfull Pacific Angel Mission 2016-2 Cambodia at my count, this is our sixth mission together. At only gets better with each mission. Thank you so much for all always outstanding dental support. We would not have a dental capability without your support. Thanks even more for expanding your support to other areas of the mission as well. I am blessed to have yourt continued partnership!”.

Vinh Trinh, USAF PA 16-2 Commander (June 19th, 2016)


“This is my second Pacific Angel mission with your staff in Cambodia (my first was 2010 and as I expected, you brought a superior Dental Capability to the mission whenever I know that EMW is part of the team, it eases my mind as a medical planner as I know that I have a “ partner” in the planning process. I will look forward to advancing my relationship with you and look forward to planning and executing missions together in the future. Please allow me to extend my gratitude on behalf of the Pac Angel 16-2 planning and excution team. Your teamwork and leadership helped provide the positive outcomes of exchange and partnership I had helped for”.

Dana Scott Ellison, Medical PA 16-2 (June 19th, 2016)


“Dear EMW Team, your group in the hardest working, most committed dental team I have ever worked with. Thank you for making my job easy and this entire mission a joy. You all are great both as individuals and together. I hope to work with you all again soon”.

Matthew Kanter, DDS, USA (June 17th, 2016)


“Before embarking an my elective with you, I was quite nervous and unsure what to expect. Your staff have been extremely supportive and helpful in making us feel safe and comfortable. For that, I thank the awesome team at EMW! My highlight has been the outreach project in the different schools in Nam Giang District, Quang Nam and providing Flouride. It is programmes like these that give us the opportunity to use our skills to bring benefit to different communities. Keep doing what you do and I pray that your future projects are even more successful and beneficial!”

Leena Farhat, Dental Student, University of Sheffield (May 20th, 2016)


“It has been a pleasure to partner with you all this week at Ca Dy Kindergarter in Nam Giang, Quang Nam. You ran a very effecient and impressive dental service to so many disadvantaged children here. I enjoyed your energy warmth and focus on the service to the children and feel proud that the Australian government contributed in a small way to your important work here. Looking forward to working with you again”.

Lenora Lippmann - Vietnam Health Improvement Project (May 20th, 2016)


“To EMW Staff and everyone involved with this dental mission to Nam Giang, Quảng Nam. It was definitely a long and hot week. Although the conditions were not ideal, we got to provide so many children will great dental care. This back-breaking work was for your great cause. I appreciate all the EMW team for their continued dedication and lead work to keep this foundation thriving. Our team definitely enjoyed our time here and will have many great memories to take back with us to share with our friend. Thanks for making us be a part of it all!”

Christopher Cuong Pham, DDS, the Reflection Dental Team, USA (May 20th, 2016)


“My first dental mission to Vietnam. So very interseting and informative, EMW Dental Center has done a memorable job and I thank them for a job well done. The children are wonderful and it is clean they have life challenges that make dental care a low priority. Perhaps further outreach and effort will educate them to care for teeth better to avoid future problems.

I hope to accumulate and forward some needed dental supplies such as single surface mirrors to expedite treatment. I wish everyone the best of luck and thank them for excellent hospitality”

Dr. Bruce Reyonds, USA (May 19th, 2016)


“Dear EMW Staff, thank you so much for being so awesome, the work that you do is so inspiring and I am honoured to have been a part of it. Your outreach program in disadvantaged villages is incredible and I’m glad that we come at just the right time for it. You can truly already see the benefits you are providing to these children. I especially appreciate the effort you have all taken to dedicate your time and resources to this especially when visiting schools and providing OHE and fluoride. I definitely want to come back in the future once I’m qualified. A big thanks to all the staff that made us feel welcome that we felt right at home, and who helped us so much. And thanks for teaching us “Há To Ra” (because it really came in hardly). Also thank you for taking in any feadback we gave and for feeding us! God bless you all and definitely miss this place”.

Aseel Khattab, Dental Student, University of Sheffield (May 19th, 2016)


“Thank you so much for all your hard work during our week of our Dental Implant mission. We were successful in providing great care to the people of DaNang. This could not have been accomplished without a complete team effort. When people work together, we can achieve great things. Lastly, thank you to Minh Huong for making our mission happen! Hope to see you all very soon”.

Dr. Garth Riopelle, USA (April 29th, 2016)


“Dear EMW staff, thank you for a wonderful and successful week. Our Implant mission would not be possible without the great effort of the dental team. Everyone at the clinic was pleasure to work with. I hope to see you all in the near future and best of luck to everyone”.

Quyen Nguyen DDS, USA (April 29th, 2016)


“Thank you for your hospitality and professionalism during our Implant Mission to Da Nang! Our mission is over but your mission of serving the dental needs of the poor of Da Nang and the wonderful orphans continues. Hope to be able to come to Danang again soon. god bless you and your work!”

Philip H. Doan, DDS, USA (April 29th, 2016)


“Thank you very much for the great time during 4 days. It was a great experience for our school. Thanks all of EMW team for dedicating your time to help with improving the children’s oral health. I hope the EMW staffs will come back our school in the future. I wish the best for everyone. Thank you so much!”

Ngo Sau, Principal, Duy Trinh Primary School (April 22nd 2016)


“We have had a moving experience with you all during the last 4 days in Quang Tri Province. Your ability to see at many children in such a small and remote area, and help many others chilren with happy smiles for the past several years - quite amazing.This is certainly a moment in my life newer to be forgetten. All of you are caring and will make the youngster, you treated better dental patients. I was extremely impressed with the work and caring the Dental Staff here. The help they are going the children here is needed and appreciated. It was a joy to have worked side by side with this wonderful group. Keep up the good work!”

Dr. Robert and Janet Mc Guire, USA (January 8th, 2016)


 “You are doing magnificent work! It’s so important to the thousand of kids who have happier, healthier lives after visiting your dental clinic.”
Charles R. Bailey, Representative, The Ford Foundation


"We at Children's Education Foundation greatly appreciate the help you have given us. Thank you so much for the free dental education and dental care of many of Children's Education Foundation's children. This is a wonderful gift and it will reduce their time absent from school as well as help them to understand how their health is affected, and sometimes greatly affected by not caring for their teeth. Each year we have children absent from school due to tooth pain and some even have to have emergency dental treatment. So this is wonderful that they can receive free dental care. Many thanks for this generous gift!"
Linda Burn, Founding Director, Children's Education Foundation


“Fantastic! Fabulous! This is my third outreach – first outreach in 2000, second in 2005 and one in 2008. I love the changes I see: more trained staff, bigger impact on the trips, the ability to provide more services to these needy children. It is tremendous that you are establishing goals that are big and you hit them!”
Dr. Wendy Bailey, Dentist, Washington, USA


“I can’t begin to describe how much you all have taught me, not only dental related but also about your culture, your country and myself. I have truly had an amazing time helping your program and I will always remember these two weeks for the rest of my life.”
Jenna Rogers, Dental Assistant, Australia


“Thank you so much for all that you do! The children love to come here and we have seen an important change in their teeth and their dental hygiene. I look forward to coming again with the children in the future.”
Roe Schroeder, Teacher, Hoi An Orphanage Special Education


“The EMW outreach was spectacular. The level of organization with the EMW staff was great. The staff was always courteous, professional and careful. The ability to see 688 children in 5 days is due to their hard work. The memories of this trip will be lifelong. I am truly grateful to you all to have allowed me to work in and experience your world!”
Dr. Leslie Ennis, Dentist, Vancouver, Canada


“I had a wonderful experience volunteering with EMW in 2003 but I must admit that my experience with all of you this time, especially during outreach to Hoa Vang is so much more meaningful. You have reaffirmed my faith in the profession and non-profit work in general.”
Quyen Vu, Dentist, Philadelphia, USA


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for treating our children from Dong Hiep!! This experience was the first for all of these children. You have a wonderful team. Please continue to do your good work to help those who are very poor and disadvantaged in Vietnam”
Karen Leonard, Lifestart Foundation, Ireland


“What you have shown us is your continuously enthusiastic dedication to dental treatment for our kids. It brought bright smiles for them. In any situation, your professional conscience is still bright and you do whatever you can for your patients. On behalf of the parents and the children, I would like to send you all our most sincere gratefulness.”
Le Thi Mai, Principal, Mai Dang Chon Primary School, Da Nang


“Thank you so much for all your kindness and enthusiasm during the last two weeks. This visit has been a real eye-opener into your organization and an awesome experience. Thank you for welcoming us and teaching us so much about dentistry, Vietnam and the way you live.”
Laura Parton, Dental student, England

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