Speech by Mrs. Michele North - DingoDeli

   As others have mentioned already, this is a very important day for EMW Dental, and I would like to thank you for inviting me to attend and speak. I have nothing but praise about great experiences from myself, family & friends. EMW Dental provides a service that is different then all other dentists.

EMW Dental’s service is a not for profit dentistry and everything about what they do, is to raise money to give dental health care to the people who can’t afford it. This is an inspiring model for dental health care.

6 years ago when I arrived to live in Hoi An with my family,we asked about a good dentist. There are quite a few options inDanang, but when we were told what EMW does I decided that despite my fear of dentists, that we would check them out.

Now I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve been afraid of dentists most of my life. I have some scary child hood stories and I know that any normal person doesn’t get excited about going to the dentist.

However because the dentistry is cheaper in Vietnam then other countries like where I am from, Canada & Australia, it made my dental experience a lot more attractive………….and with the concept of suffering pain to help others……well, that has strangely been very helpful and motivating to get me to bring my family for appointments.

Andwhen I lay in the chair and the staff are so gentle and kind and caring, I am finally able to overcome MOST of my dentist fears. Eversinceour 1st great experience, I have continuously told all my friends and family and manymany customers dining in my restaurant, Dingo Deli, in Hoi An about EMW.

6 years later and after many appointments and feedback.Everyone still sings the praises of EMW Dental and attending the dentist has also become a great excuse for our family and friends to repeatedly visit us over the years. We know lots of people with shiny gleaming smiles.

EMW appears to have a strong model and proven system that makes it a worthwhile cause to support. They have a strong following of paying customers to pay the bills. It is time for them to additionally find a stable sponsorship fromsome strong companies investing in Danang and the greater of Vietnam. 

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