What Clients Tell About Us

“We both had a lot of dental work done on our teeth here at East Meets West and it has been an outstanding experience. We cannot fault the quality of the service and dental treatment. Dr.Nguyet was most efficient, easy to communicate with and very accommodating to our time schedule. As was her dental nurse assistant. Even the receptionist, Ngan was superd giving us suggestions of what to see and where to eat and shop in Da nang. To all the staff here –“a big thank you”. We will definitely recommend your clinic. We now met you to NZ very proud of our 60 years old teeth and very happy to have found East meets West Dental clinic. Thank you with all our heart!”

Dee and Rob Lopez (Aug 23rd, 2016)


“The team have been super-duper! My daughter lives in Hoi An (two years) and has always used the East Meets West Dental services. I was out wishing from the UK and have poor teeth so decided during my 4 week stay for my daughter wedding to have all crowns and veneers done. Looks so natural and really happy. In total, I had 6 visits and staff here have been kinder or more professional!”

Ramonn Byres, UK (April 12th, 2016)


“The standard of professionalism is outstanding! We found the staff completely committed to reaching the highest standards. Their knowledge as a result of their training and experience was evident as the procedures were complexed with compassion and accuracy. We will recommend this clinic to many of our friends in the future in an effort to encourage the continuation of the essential work these amazing people give to the local community. Our congratulation to all the people associated with East meets West and we hope to see you again soon. Thank you for all your work and care!”

Judy Standley and Shane Davies, Australia


The service here was so very efficient. I had three fillings, a clean and one tooth cap in a week and a half. The original cap was flowed cracked and had to be replaced. No problem- all done in 4 days. I had no problem communicating with the friendly staff during my treatment.

Simon Hyde, Australia


Thank you so much for all you dedicated work. It’s great for me to see all the help provided to the Vietnamese people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. I’m very glad to have decided on selecting The East Meets West Dental program for my needs and wish the best to the foundation in the future. If I come back to Da Nang, I will absolutely come back for any additional work needed without hesitation. Best wishes.

Seff chong, Vancouver BC, Canada


I felt very happy for your warm welcome as always whenever I come to this clinic. I am glad when having the good treatment to enjoy delicious meals. In this New Year, I wish everyone the best of luck and good health to keep going the work with committed and enthusiastic heart.

Nguyen Van De, Former Teacher at Tay Son School, TP Da Nang


Totally professional to western standards, hygienic & clean. Staff are gentle and very skilled and kind. I have had an intense fear of dentists all of my life, but they are helping me over come my issues. I keep coming back so we can catch up on years of neglect. And they give gifts. Thank you!

Michelle North, Australia


My family and I was recieved the dentist's valuable consultation, exams as well as guidance on oral hygiene dental care at the EMW Dental Center. It was very thoughtful and oustanding. My daughter said that "I have come for my dental care needs in some other clinics but always bring home nightmare of pain that I never want to come back. However, it is the first time I met such a high skilled dental team and the most modern dental clinic facilities. At the EMW Dental, I feel very comfortable after being treated” Thank to all EMW staff for your excellent dental care services with your thoughtfulness and high responsiblity. Wish the EMW Dental be more successful!

Nguyen Hong Tan, Principal of Phan Thanh Primary School


One of my greatest concerns is safety and sterilization of the equipment used in dentistry. The things that I saw at the EMW Dental Clinic, I am very impressed and satisfied. I acknowledge the dedication and care for patients by all dental staff of this clinic.

Ngo Quang Nam, Manager, Vietnam Cycling Co.,LTD


I had some crowns done in Thailand a couple of years ago and they failed, I came to EMW and they did such amazing work, their standard is "perfection" I was so impressed with the work I had done earlier this year that I have come back to get an implant now. I have greater faith in their work than any dentist I have used in Australia and Canada. I first chose EMW because of the charity work the organization does, now I come because of the outstanding quality of workmanship and service. I recommend them to anyone needing dental work. Thank you to all the staff there, I always feel like a VIP in your hands. You are the best.

Paul Dodd


"You have been so good my daughter Bethony and me. We will never forget the outreachtrip in Hoi An - July 2015. When I lost 2 Bank cards, you extended us credit to continue dental work. Your patience with my developmental daughter was heart-warming"

Sanford Sandy Beshear - USA


"After trying other dentists in Danang I finally found East Meets West Dental Clinic. They have been around since 1996 and cater to us “westerners”.  I have been thrilled with their dental services since switching. The dentists and receptionists all speak English and they were able to discuss my dental needs and put together a total precise dental plan. I was very happy to also discover, by supporting the Clinic, you are also contributing to provide on-going Dental Care to “Disadvantaged Children” in Central Vietnam through their charity programs."
Peter Burley - Queensland, Australia


East Meets West Dental is totally professional to Western standards, hygienic and clean. The staff was gentle, very skilled and kind. I have had an intense fear of dentists all my life but they helped me overcome my issues and I keep coming back so we can catch up on years of neglect.  The services are very good & reasonable.  Also, when you get your teeth done, your money goes towards dental services for the local disadvantaged kids for free.”
Michelle Grinder North - Hoi An, Vietnam

"The Treatment we received at East Meets West Dental Centre was excellent, they were so good with the kids as well.  Explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. We would recommend them to anyone."
Dom, Carrie, Jessica & Jacob - Sydney, Australia

“For me, going to the Dentist is a stressful experience.  EMW Dental Clinic's professional staff - from Dentists to Oral Hygienists to Receptionists - made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by the clinic's facilities and infection control protections. EMW's Western-style clinic gave me the confidence to go through with my dental implant. EMW Dental Clinic's combination of excellent staff, professional care standards, and state-of-the-art dental equipment make it number one in Da Nang."
Ken Bobowski
 - Minnesota, USA

“I'd heard about 'medical tourism', but hadn't tried it until I arrived in Vietnam on a trip around the world.  I visited the East Meets West Dental Center, and was pleased to see that it looks very similar to my dentist's office in California.  A bit different, but clean and comfortable.   And the prices!  I got a full teeth whitening using the same procedures used in the US for about 20% of the cost.  Very happy!"

Dave Meader - Berkeley, California, USA,  Sep 2014


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