Dental Services Overview

The East Meets West Dental Center has a team of dedicated, experienced, internationally trained dentists and dental specialists who provide technical assistance to the Vietnamese dental team. They deliver a wide range of high-quality dental services, from preventive and general dentistry, to cosmetic and high-tech dentistry.

The East Meets West Dental Center uses the latest technology and equipment, and only the best materials and products.

Our services range from basic preventive and restorative care to highly complex treatments requiring specialized techniques, such as orthodontics and implants. All services are performed according to the highest standards of dental care and using strict infection control measures.

We also offer complete dental treatment plans including:


  • Exam, consultation and oral health instructions (OHI)
  • X-ray
  • Sealants (baby & permanent teeth)
  • Fluoride treatment


  • Cleaning (scale/prophy)
  • Air abrasion
  • Extractions (baby, permanent and wisdom teeth)
  • Gum abscess surgery
  • Apical surgery
  • Periodontics treatment
  • Root canal
  • Fillings (various materials)


  • Cosmetic fillings
  • Enamel fillings
  • Interstice fillings
  • Diamond attachment fillings
  • Whitening (at home or at clinic by plasma/laser)
  • Veneer (inlay, onlay) for cercon
  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthodontics (replacement of missing teeth by prostheses such as dentures or implants)

Welcome to the East Meets West Dental Center. Your healthy smile is our happiness!

The East Meets West Dental Center is the only fee-for-service model supporting charity dental care programs in Vietnam.

By choosing the East Meets West Dental Center for all your dental needs, you make it possible for us to continue to provide free dental care to thousands of disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

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